“I’m at peace, with my lust. I can kill, ’cause in God I trust” (Pearl Jam, “Do the Evolution”). I don’t agree with this; I think it’s good social commentary.


no reasons, no not reasons

No reasons,
No not reasons,
No reason
No not reason
Cold, dry
Dehydrated eyes,
Want, want what?
No reason
No not reason.
What a predicament.
How will it end?
Why has it come?
“Self” worry
Seems healthy.
No reason
No not reason.
Is touch compassionate
Or lustful?
Is touch helpful
Or seeking?
Lust is a bad habit.
Compassion is a by-product
Of the Ocean.
Giving oneself, quietude,
Rest tender gentleness, listening.
Nothing left to desire,
Nothing lacking.
You believe in fantastic romance.
I believe in patience, quietude,
And irrational joy.