“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you” (Rilke, Wendung).


“Wisdom comes through suffering.\ Trouble, with its memories of pain,\ Drips in our hearts as we try to sleep,\ So men against their will\ Learn to practice moderation” (Aeschylus, Agamemnon, l. 179).

silence underneath…

silence underneath,
contorted effort
grown all day,
loud confronted
walking down eyes
bluely cold
tired, hurt, no more
goodness, goodness
i’ve had enough
distraction appealing
for its own sake,
his own sake
not to listen
and she follows
not to hurt him,
worn down
smoothed over,
gentle heart
worn down
no thank-you
is big enough,
her joy
kept in a safe place
at a distance,
intelligent girl,
all around
too many
to remember,
so let’s forget
and warm
each other’s minds,
listening cushions,
only until the difference
is forgotten,
forget me,
so i can be
the gentleness
i love best,
if I ask,
touched slightly
make me wait,
healing laughter
after me
where I set
a heart
to carry
your world
in wishes
of reward.