fantasies allied with moments

brown spotted
endless ripples
green pillar
beneath the sun
on a plate
on my fork
the caring
for someone else
or perhaps the suffering
the caring
for something
nothing absolute
but from my perspective
it’s their perspective
some thoughts
waves of interference
with each other
and everything else
different fantasies
allied with
different moments
the current one
an infinite desert red
eternity of sand
and a single pueblo house
by midnight sky
a single wife
of the earth
hair darker
than the earth
the current flicker
of monistic eternity.


platonic sickness

if i
only lived
before i live
i might
do right
the next
ten years
before falling
really in love,
really at home,
with my family;
i might look
at the million hers
with less purpose
and more ease
and she might
look the same,
not yet tired
or indebted
or worried
regretted unaccomplishments.
for a second
her image flickered
in my head
half unconscious
and I but shadows
though I run
mental marathons
to re-paint
the picture
theorem in the fire
of consciousness;
i have dreamed
that face
for nearly ten years,
growing with me
yet unavailable
a message
a fantasy
or an ideal
at whom
with whom
i stare
through others
our minds
the same
inseparable knife
a fabric of mind
i would
know you
if i didn’t
see you
feel you
as in of me
a mirror
within patterns
and called
the life of me
my mind
you were
were you
but here
i gaze
at your face
in pieces.

no reasons, no not reasons

No reasons,
No not reasons,
No reason
No not reason
Cold, dry
Dehydrated eyes,
Want, want what?
No reason
No not reason.
What a predicament.
How will it end?
Why has it come?
“Self” worry
Seems healthy.
No reason
No not reason.
Is touch compassionate
Or lustful?
Is touch helpful
Or seeking?
Lust is a bad habit.
Compassion is a by-product
Of the Ocean.
Giving oneself, quietude,
Rest tender gentleness, listening.
Nothing left to desire,
Nothing lacking.
You believe in fantastic romance.
I believe in patience, quietude,
And irrational joy.