stars and pines…

stars and pines
dry bluegreen
silence smell
the memories
of a house-dweller
absolute answer
on the edge
life’s end
and no words
or half answers
waiting on goals
for circumstances
to change
intention with meaning
without action
this is ‘mind’
cold underlays
all effort
but the cold
isn’t cold
the waves crest
into effervescent ice
out of
the ocean’s current.


played it on worry…

played it on worry
the day,
fell on
towards ends
hard played,
the ends
more clear than
your face,
my breath,
mind o’erworn
for there called
another καλον
made clear
the face
clear through
and over
you’ll find
my hands
in the art
of eyes
and stones
the sand
flat called
polished face
cold greys
air clearer
cold swept away
my green Pasteur
glowed long
soaked over
so simple
the upright dirt
for whom
from when
for how
in the cracks
of paradise
my ears
colored grey
in darkness
fallen the hills
the light
older than all
across the rooftops
the puddle.

silence underneath…

silence underneath,
contorted effort
grown all day,
loud confronted
walking down eyes
bluely cold
tired, hurt, no more
goodness, goodness
i’ve had enough
distraction appealing
for its own sake,
his own sake
not to listen
and she follows
not to hurt him,
worn down
smoothed over,
gentle heart
worn down
no thank-you
is big enough,
her joy
kept in a safe place
at a distance,
intelligent girl,
all around
too many
to remember,
so let’s forget
and warm
each other’s minds,
listening cushions,
only until the difference
is forgotten,
forget me,
so i can be
the gentleness
i love best,
if I ask,
touched slightly
make me wait,
healing laughter
after me
where I set
a heart
to carry
your world
in wishes
of reward.

no reasons, no not reasons

No reasons,
No not reasons,
No reason
No not reason
Cold, dry
Dehydrated eyes,
Want, want what?
No reason
No not reason.
What a predicament.
How will it end?
Why has it come?
“Self” worry
Seems healthy.
No reason
No not reason.
Is touch compassionate
Or lustful?
Is touch helpful
Or seeking?
Lust is a bad habit.
Compassion is a by-product
Of the Ocean.
Giving oneself, quietude,
Rest tender gentleness, listening.
Nothing left to desire,
Nothing lacking.
You believe in fantastic romance.
I believe in patience, quietude,
And irrational joy.